Unitarier - Religionsgemeinschaft freien Glaubens e.V. Unitarier - Religionsgemeinschaft freien Glaubens e.V.

„Without the CARE-packages and support provided after World War 2 (WW2) I would have starved! “

Wolfgang Jantz, Unitarian, committed supporter for people in need.

Every day people in need reach Germany. They flee physical and psychological oppression. Many years of fear and concern for the suffering of family-members or even anxiety for their own lives are behind them.

These people are exhausted, show nutrient deficiencies. Diseases and injuries remain without medical healthcare and make survival even more complicated.

As Unitarians we have to contribute to social assistance!

The arriving refugees suffer from extremely traumatic experiences. Rejection, physical abuse and death were and still are permanent companions.

They need clothing, transportation, nutritious food due to their situation, medication, support to understand language and culture as well as comfort and encouragement.

Please help!

Please donate for refugee aid! Every single euro helps!

Donated amounts will serve refugees directly or will support trustworthy organizations.

Just as Wolfgang Jantz survived the years after WW2 thanks to those who supported and cared for people in need, we too can help due to our deep sense of responsibility!

Please help! Be part of the refugee aid! Donate!

The governing board says “thank you” to all supporters. Donation receipts will be provided as long as the donator’s address is indicated on the banking form.

Donations go to:

Unitarier - Religionsgemeinschaft freien Glaubens e.V./ Unitarians  -  Religious Society of Free Faith

Bank für Sozialwirtschaft Hannover

IBAN: DE66 2512 0510 0008 4431 00


code: refugee aid

Motivating examples of good practice searching for more campaigns:

Our community in Hamburg had a wonderful and highly regarded celebration hour. During individual discussions afterwards the idea for refugee aid came up.

Hauke Möllers spend time to help a Syrian refugee to go through administration processes like banking procedures during rehab. A digital dictionary enabled communication.

Elke Brandes teaches German language for refugees twice a week. Her big challenge is the differing level of knowledge of the participants. Some know a little English, some do not even know Latin letters.

The Unitarian relief organization in Hamburg has started its campaign “Next Winter is coming”. They are calling for knitwear like hats and scarves for children among personally known participants that will be donated directly.